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LOOK! a million pictures you won’t care about! or you’ll pretend not to!

last nite the gibson showroom had a nice l’il party, but don’t they always.

my favourite designed guitar.

in cab en-route, not the brightest of drivers.

these shoes aced their first nite out test, they ride up and down a bit (size 9s, i’m 8) but i can deal.

i forgot to get a decent picture of alicia‘s sick earrings (yes i just said sick) one is a gun, the other a bullet.

i’m terrible at this game.

theory of a deadman, pretty slick, despite jogee saying they’re chick indie music (so not though)(chick music, but not indie), held my attention for more than 3 minutes, i was on my best behaviour.

see look, best behaviour w/ bonus mannequin hand sticking out, one of my autisms captured just for you:

gill was in one of her famous moods heh.

fil the official event photog.

and that would be stink-eye from yers truly.

free wine (dan akroyd) beer (steamwhistle) and patron tequila all nite long, and catered food you guys really should email me when i tell you to.

i gave in to the the starch last nite (not the teeny burger buns though) and wendy was right after not having them for a long time when you finally dig in it does NOT agree with your stomach, i had a lovely date with some tums and pepto and gingerale when we got home. oh and we watched american psycho, my first time.

this is my impression of you.

dudes, i think i’m over bangs!

the one second of the nite when tiff looked sad, everything else was all smiles. she brought us back the cutest magnets from sxsw.

still can’t figure out that game, the frets light up in various sequence and yer supposed to mimic it but we can’t get it to do anything other than lighting up when you tap the frets so you feel clairvoyant then realize oh this is just doing what i am doing not the other way around, on top of being buzzed. good times.

oh, there’s the bullet.

just, you know, hangin’ mhmm. see that blue thing in my purse, that’s my journal, i brought it in case i got bored (we arrived early for fil) and for the majority of the time waiting for people to arrive i felt like the biggest tool ever on top of being dressed like an elf.

then this dude asks us if we have a guitar pick (uh yeah cos i carry picks around with me ALL the time) and then proceeds to jam the fuck out (while wearing vinyl pants) on the couch right beside us and we had to act like it wasn’t at all awkward. i explained to jogee that that’s normal at the gibson showroom, musicians milling about are encouraged to pick up the guitars or play the pianos. anyway it was funny cos we didn’t see it coming and had to act non-chalant.

he had a good voice.

here is me being non-chalant can you tell? while joe is even closer to the dude blamming away ha.

yes we went there.

ugh my face.

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