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lesbians eat yogurt

me: fil just ran across the room to get the rest of my yogurt

omg: haha

me: i said are we lesbians now who eat yogurt
he is wearing slippers and underwear and glasses
the answer is yes

omg: one yogurt is not enough for 2
what flavor is it
cream top yogurt freaked me out

me: it was a big one
it was raspberry

omg: what brand is it

me: now we are sharing a coffee flavoured one

omg: why is it so good

me: the raspberry is no sugar added pure lesbo

omg: i like soy yogurt
that is like butch lesbo

me: wow we aren’t at that stage yet
i hated yogurt growing up
my mom put it in my lunch

omg: then u can get goat milk yogurt

me: this fat kid always took it off me
he was like i like frozen yogurt

omg: haha

me: im like uh this isnt tcby
do you have tcby in america

omg: yes

me: what does it stand for
tough cunt bitch yogurt

omg: the country best yogurt
i guess any country

me: right

omg: we also had a place called i can’t believe its yogurt

me: well anyway the yogurt would be really cold still and basically served as a cooling implement for the rest of my food
so what was it margarine

omg: my mom froze our juice box for that effect
ha, no
i just looked it up
you have i can’t believe its yogurt in canada
canada, it’s just like america!

me: yeah mine too!
re: juicebox

omg: sweet
i got made fun of

me: canada: like america, but yesterday, and better!

omg: b/c my mom bought us gerber juice once
its for babies

me: i basically threw all of my lunch away
peanut butter sandwiches barf
all coagulated
then she got us oscar meyer lunchables
i was the envy of everyone

omg: those were enviable
but they were nasty

me: but what i really coveted were my portuguese and italian peers’ deli meats

omg: i wanted them so bad

me: terrible for you
and now they’ve blown up like gangbusters

omg: there is something weird about cold cuts that need no refrigeration
i envied zebra cakes the most, anything little debbie

me: oh canadians dont eat little debbie
thats why we are skinnier
when i go into an american supermarket i am shocked and appalled

omg: you don’t have that in canada?

me: and on price is right when they have the guess the price of games, theres always little debbie and i never know the prices

omg: ha

me: they exist in supermarkets here but very minimal quantities and variations of
flavours? styles? but no one buys them

omg: kids used to call me superteeth
to make fun of my crooked teeth
when i was traveling through ontario
i stayed in napanee by chance
and i thought of avril

me: ha

omg: ha at superteeth or avril?

me: avril
kids are dicks
they’re like anonymous blog commenters

omg: ha yes

oh here i am in grade 8 what a tomboy

2 thoughts on “lesbians eat yogurt

  1. Ha ha ha! What kind of white cacti drawn on the blackboard?

    I looked like that in grade 8 too – right before my oversized men’s striped tshirt phase…

  2. it was for that stupid wanted poster everyone had to pose in front of that blackboard i just happened to be dressing “skater slob” that day and the shirt worked and the flash looks like my pits are sweating (probably were anyway) but really those are my pubescent boobs. ew tweens are gross.

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