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ok doooods

things be messy in these hurr parts right now, sorrskies. the main reason i finally carried this shit over is 1. moohla (advertisers are panty waists and prefer sleeker lame boring templates that your grandma can easily navigate) and 2. the previous posts function at the bottom of my blog. i know this thing takes forever to load and there’s lots of murturial you’s guys’s wants to peruse at yous’s own leisures, and the ancient blog template i’ve been milkin’ since before you even knew what a fucking blog was, was not down with that. so here we go, welcome to web 2 point fucking oh, or whatever you dicks think some new internet phenomenon is right now, which actually isn’t.

it’s going to be sloppy the next day or so, so don’t blow your heads off, you can still email me all your fascinating opinions at until my geekslave puts haloscan back up for me. nite!

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