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houses with a view

these are some great wedding photos.


ring ring ring ring

look at caller id, oh great it’s rogers (they’ve been hounding me for months now, to discuss my long-standing customer loyalty with them, they don’t leave messages, and when i call back i get the switchboard, or when i do pick up i am greeted by ten seconds of dead air before someone greets me wtf!?)

ring ring

me: yes hello? hello hi? hello yes HELLO HEEELLLOO?!

them: dead air

me: HELLO?

them: yes hi bla lbal blal bla lblaha lblah

me: no i am not interested thank you

them: oh ok thanks is there anything else i can help you with today?

me: yes, can you stop calling me? you guys keep calling and calling and calling, if i am interested in something in the future, i, will call you. ok thank you.

them: oh ok thanks

me: yes thank you


sometimes i’ll get three calls in a day, from the same number, different person, everyday, and then every other day FOR THREE MONTHS HOLY SHIT STOP HARASSING ME IF YOU WANT ME TO REMAIN A CUSTOMER THEN FUCK OFF!

i remember one of the first calls i received i was out at dinner, it was loud, i basically said i am happy with my service at the moment, i do not need to change anything, thanks, and you’d think it would have ended there right?

if you are calling to discuss how loyal i am you should say we are going to reward you with a free blackberry or something (i’ve been a customer since i was 19) not greet me with a gigantic blast of silence then muffled sounds and speak to me like you’re hiding in a closet from burglars.

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