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green thai curry? mussels with far too much cilantro dumped all over. not bad, but not blow my mind amazing either. are mussels ever that good?

fil’s pathetic quesadillas so thin they don’t even register in this picture, the waitress tried to warn him, i think these things (for 8 bones) are a goddamn insult. i gave him my bread to sop up my mussel sauce and asked for more.

britt’s shitty caesar salad and chicken satays.

tiffany’s vegetarian pad thai, purely awful.

gill’s bunless burger, also on the no carbs bandwagon (as is britt).

waiting all day for dinner, thinking about it, lovingly pouring over the restaurant’s menu online a few times, and then having your expectations totally below par met, is enough to make one blow their top. we didn’t complain, just simply never dining there again. get it right rivoli, your food is terrible, over priced and passe.

britt’s jack and 7 limes dessert.

oh hai.

oh great loudmouth old guy next door is at it again.

that would be a present from my nose.


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