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i’ve gone 6 days w/o carbs now, no breads, pastas, rice, chips, crackers – i didn’t notice before how essential crackers are for cheese consumption, like at a party just holding a piece of brie in the palm of your hand, or pate (pa-tay) – i even tore all the cheese and pepperoni off two tiny square slices of pizza at the whipper snapper gallery on saturday nite. i’ve been eating the salmon and chicken out of microwave meals and giving the rice, risotto whatever bit to fil. my stomach is a bit slimmer i’ve noticed and i’ve been boozing less, and sticking to my no beer policy, i only had one tiny cup of wine at the gallery cos there wasn’t vodka, other than that it’s all vodka god ok sorry i should have told you to skip this post.

way to go douchebag!

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