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that’s the fil shrine.

literally 1 minute later:

there were even a few seconds there when we were pretending not to be complete pigs and let the few last bites sit there then came to our senses and wolfed it all down. best calamari ever.

five mintues later:

lookin’ pretty sick ‘n bagged.


seven minutes later, only because i had to move closer to fil so i could eat as much as him (which took at least 30 seconds), and it was super hot temperature-wise.

didn’t order a side of rice i am proud of us for that. our bill came to 50 bones (pre-tip), i had a glass of house red and fil had a pint of steamwhistle. next celebration dinner will be spent at either mini or supermarket, instead of somewhere retardedly gauche and we only get to have one thing each.

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