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i prefer skinnier cats fyi. but sometimes life just isn’t fair.

fil is going to murder me when he gets home.i almost had to get up at 5.30am and stay up cos it felt like i was in a swallowing contest by myself trying to swallow my own throat and then the coughing kicked in, i was going to write a blog post about how i am in a movie about sunrises because i am awake before daybreak on the couch because i am sick and blah blah bla then i couldn’t get the word sunrise out of my fucking head and almost mania’d myself fully awake and then cid showed up for the purring feed me olympics where he tries to look like a paraplegic wombat and won’t shut up until i force myself to fall asleep.

one of my internet girlfriends sent me a picture of her new furry jacket and now i want to get out of bed and go to kensington market and get a red eskimo jacket RIGHT NOW I DON’T CARE HOW TERRIBLE I FEEL I NEED TO GO SHOPPING.

i have zero willpower if you send me a picture of basically ANYTHING i will not stop thinking about it until i buy something to make the want go away.

we ate at mini market last nite not at the place i was s-talking about in my last post, i love mini market. the grilled calamari we ate in 1 minute, gone. pictures with time-stamps later.

deborah sent me this get better e-card and i am so pathetic right now i really felt like he cared about me.

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