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here i am as disco raymi by kyra.


find alana

Alana Livas was abducted by her parents- Peter and Vivene Livas- on Nov 29, 2007. She suffers from a rare disease called rickets- resulting from severe malnutrition. I am her aunt, Jean Chin. Please help me find her and bring her home.

Help Find Alana Livas

Alana is 5 years old and has a distinctive blue birthmark beside her right eye. It may be obscured by her hair. Depending on the regression of her rickets, she may be noticeably bow legged or walking with a limp. She was abducted in Canada but it is possible that that she was taken out of the country. Please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or if you have any information.

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