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because i gather that some of you quite enjoy hearing about all the goings-on of this party building we live in, here is an update.

garbage chute guy threw out some garbage last nite around 8 o’clock and the sound of the metal door slamming shut caused a knee-jerk reaction of rage to go through me, so it doesn’t matter what time of day garbage is “chuted” i want to murder the universe when i hear that sound. since i last wrote about him, as far as i know he hasn’t been late-nite tossing. i suspect he might be saving it up for nearer the weekend to spread out. i also noticed he has a subscription to a newspaper which makes me wonder two things, 1. who brings it to his door and 2. anyone who has a newspaper subscription must be lazier than i am, not have the internet, and also a hermit to which i initially assumed as much.

i also feel his eyes on me through the peephole when i walk by his door to go down to the laundry room, i realize how neurotic this sounds and i don’t care. when fil and i go out on the town i commonly take pictures of myself in the hallway mirror which he has a prime view of and if i am nosy and bored enough to sometimes spy on whoever i hear cruising around our floor, and this guy no doubt has lived here longer than us, he sure as hell is doing it too. i also take the stairs down on his side of the floor cos i double check the floor when i leave to make sure cid didn’t escape and i am too embarrassed to walk back to our stairwell.

so i just did some laundry i went down to fold it and noticed that someone had put in 2 more quarters into my dryer that i KNOW based on the kitchen timer my dry cycle would have been completed, should have been completed what the hell? someone is an idiot or trying to shrink all my clothes.

turned out it was a mixed blessing cos i am trying to shrink this sweater i bought fil that he doesn’t wear cos it is too itchy, i want to wear it out tonite to spite him. despite the venue we will be attending tonite having the climate not dissimilar to a fucking sauna in the middle of a rain forest in august, or a subway in august.

stay tuned for a little anecdote about how neurotic i feel when i visit the lcbo.

oh and around 10 some fire alarm technicians visited to replace our detector and i was napping with cid and had to throw on my sweater house dress and let them in and felt all panic and early morning frantic, i went to the power bar by the desk to flick it on i was crouched down beneath the glass and stood up really fast and caught my left shoulder beneath it and it scraped my skin and REALLY HURT but i couldn’t freak out about it cos a ncie lady was standing in our hallway supervising the technician so he wouldn’t rape and steal from me i guess.

update: garbage chute guy is whistling!

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