HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! christie got a missed connection! i so saw this guy check out the back of her head when he left through the window.

the only meal i ate yesterday i inhaled in two minutes.

the weather was mental.

oh my god i have no idea what to fucking wear today/tomorrow, there are three-ish separate functions i need to dress for and the only thing that is making it difficult is well, the only thing i don’t feel like a cow in right now is the same black shirt i’ve been wearing practically everyday since i bought it two fridays ago and already wore out to fil’s birthday thing in the suburbs, the same people will see it again at least i didnt buy a totally memorable sparkle barf shirt yeah?

i kind of really want one now.

i’ve also got some steamy gossip i can’t share but am dying to, it’s not that steamy it’s more like, someone’s gonna get what’s comin’ to ‘em finally if they don’t watch it this holiday, actually TWO somebodies. i got beefs world! watch out! these persons may or may not be related to me and both have been dealing some steady s-talk about me behind my back for way too long. i might hold off the sauce even tonite (pfft) to avoid explosion 2007. maybes.

i think the red tide is coming in as well.

oh wait i just brainstormed an outfit that will hopefully smite my enemies.

tony gets a kick out of my comments.

i just saw fil wearing a baseball hat and all i said was NO and walked away.

ps. if you missed my fatface on cock’d gunns the other nite it’s on again dec. 26 at 8.30pm on the ifc channel.

our xmas tree in action video.

guess who got/is getting these, guess in your head though because i am not telling.

the only tree we get to have because of wolverine cat.

saturday nite dinner.

ground turkey medley.

that’s spinach. when we decide to make dinner we leave with a mystery list that says meat veggies on it basically then we stand in the supermarket like zombies staring at the ceiling until we lose all patience and sputter out random ideas and then we walk out in complete silence and drive home in more silence with the ten items it took us way too long to agree upon.

fil is a music video star.

we are missing an entire bag of cds, our favourite ones too, they’ve been missing since we went to the catskills in september and leslie said we didn’t leave anything behind so fil thinks we drove away with a bag on the top of the car and it eventually fell off. so frustrating cos that bag was full and everyday something reminds one of us of it and then we sit there tallying up our missing cds, some we’ve had for ten years even, and then there’s the missing soldiers we cannot even remember we brought along but shoved in the bag nonetheless. fil refuses to think that maybe someone stole them out of the car. sigh. i’m bummed yeah but it’s somewhat liberating to lose things and have zero control over it, once it’s gone it’s gone, c’est la vie. speaking of, we watched la vie en rose the other night which i bawled a significant amount to and found to be quite enchanting, sad, bittersweet, you should see it.

here i am spying on the building kitty-corner to us, one of the tenants it seems uses his livingroom as a porno shoot (pictures) studio, the flash rips through our entire unit so fil flashed them back with his camera then they closed their drapes. fil thought no way can it be risque, but then it carried on ’til 2, 3 in the morning, i don’t think something akin to sears portrait studio would happen during those hours. then the very next morning they continued on. i saw a dude with a very fancy camera and that big white circle they use to refelct light and he was shooting down at something like a bed (so totally porn). who knows maybe it was a dungeons and dragons figurine gathering, though i really fucking doubt it.

i’m hoping to catch some t’ n a real soon.

yeah it’s pretty late ‘n all and you’re probably knee-deep in your holiday depression watching saturday night live drunk by now but we just noticed that at 2.40am on the IFC channel the episode of cock’d gunns that i’m in is on so you have just over 2 hours to stay awake some and see it, i haven’t yet, but i remember i was dancing like an idiot during the rock show part in the front row in my success dress and before that walking around in the background during the art show. samir is the director ps. kbai. oh and if you’re a nerd you should record and then expand slow-mo all the parts with me in it on youtube only if i look good though.

dear haloscan once i figure out how to set a website on fire YOU are the first one that gets it.

These cyber scribes rule the blogosphere but without a laptop to lean on, will they crash and burn?

what? huh? they do? how? when? WHERE? WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY AND WHY WASN’T I CHOSEN FOR THIS SHOW? and look at how few of them actually have blogs, tell me, how can you “rule” the “blogosphere” w/o a fucking blog!? and even the ones who do, megalomaniac or not, I AM THE BLOGOSPHERE.

this is totally a farce, how laughable and nice snub you nerds.


cid is fat

the batcave seizure palace

cid’s new enemy

dinosaurs at the ROM and a guy who shat himself

creepy santa thing

drunk at dominion

who hates toronto?

celine dion sucks

do you have plans for NYE yet? never fear we got it covered, tony is coming back to town and he and duane are holding down the fort in a nice hotel, so if you want to avoid pricey bars, crowds and tinsel covered cougars from all over the GTA this dec. 31, email this guy at raymitheminx@gmail.com and i will give you the deets. BYOB of course, and bring lots.

christmastime for the jews

way to go.

lunchdate food poisoning.

xmas present for my brother.

we went to c’est what and were banished to the back room with the temperature equivalent to a steamhouse and the musical stylings of jack fucking FM.

i brought back-up in case it got boring.

you can learn a lot about your friends by playing cards with them.

trevor for example is way competitive. elizabeth is a space cadet, she lost the most.

i am too actually, many times someone would be out and i didn’t even know it. n. is greedy and bossy, all dudes are exactly the same basically, anal and controlling. am i right sisters?

bad kids.

nice ponytail.

i’m already tired of this.

everyone in that elevator was a buzzkill except for us.

check senor frown over in the corner there allergic to fun much?

mitzie got BIG.

exiled cat.

someone was treating us to a celine dion jam.

‘scuse-me i was looking for the skinny party?

expected, non?

mitzie looks like this:

haloscan is fucked right now i can’t even log in so if you are desperate to share some information with me, email it and i will add it to my blog like in the days before commenting existed. i know it’s killing me too i havent been able to log in since early last nite i NEED INSTANT FEEDBACK regarding everything i do NOWNOWnowWNWowNOW! *update ok it’s sort of working for me, v. delicate but i can access just takes longer. ps. stardust is MAGICAL see it.

environmentally friendly holiday greetings from emma and arsenio.

here’s a don’t.

DON’T eat a chicken teriyaki bento box and eat around the slightly pink parts of the chicken and then don’t go into a tiny whimsical gift store in the annex holding in your fourth #2 of the day then go to the tanning salon sweating and clammy and use the facilities and then DON’T have a suntan and DON’T picture crapping the suntan bed either oh god it was like the end of the fucking world half an hour ago, all is well but next time just pass on the suntan until your body temperature goes back to normal. that was like the dumbest thing i’ve done lately and i usually make a point to do a dumb as often as possible and no in case you didn’t get it i did not crap the tanning bed i had to lie perfectly still while my delicate insides got a nice little cooking i couldn’t do my regular poses and rotations it was that close.

i just saw rizabef and n they are doing well for anyone who cares, seeing them tonite if anyone else wants to get in on it.

it takes wendi months to get you the pictures she takes.

i rented stardust don’t tell me anything about it i am tempted to watch it before fil comes home because i am yes, a lesbian.

*update oh man i just crapped AGAIN. no more bento boxes, no more chinese food. saigh.