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i bought new things!

two necklaces
four underwears
overall shorts
a shirt
a grey cardigan (now i have 4?)
three head wraps (bands?)


leaving the hotel video.

and if you want to hang out tomorrow like a regular tuesday nite (for me/us, that’s a friday for you guys) email me mmmkay. not sure if it’s duane’s or tony’s hotel yet.

oh and i have zero resolutions so don’t ask, relying on the passage of time or a date to make changes in one’s life is stupid, how about just owning up to your shortcomings now, fat ass? oh once valentine’s day rolls around my life will be so much better. pfft. the only alteration to my lifestyle i foresee happening will be because of the results of a bloodtest i take for the pain i have recently been experiencing, not because a bunch of families from oshawa, mississauga and ajax will descend upon nathan phillips square to watch a fucking ball drop.

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