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look it’s that stupid kid (grey cardigan,right) who drags his mom out to bars and parties and other ridiculous shit in toronto and he’s only 12 or something. sad.

his poor mother, i wanted to go up to her son and say YOU’RE KILLING YOUR MOTHER but christie decided it was time for barfing.

christie‘s under there somewhere.

“missing” cds.

present fil picked out for duane, i wanted to get something cuter but according to fil GUYS LIKE STUFF THAT DO STUFF.

if you can believe it, duane’s drunk outshined pitt’s, we were stunned.

tony sucks as usual.

party pants showed up.

i have a video of duane doing sweet child o mine and it is BRUTAL he will probably kill himself if he sees it. i haven’t been able to watch it yet. i deleted the video of me doing jewel. last nite was so stressful for me i unleashed 5 separate crappings. did anyone at least get me doing oh darling?

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