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this is a picture i looked at earlier and decided I AM BUYING A NEW DRESS but then fil made us steak and potatos and now i am wearing a t-shirt the size of the superbowl, and there is no new dress in sight. i am also on my period.

skipped out on the clinic, i’m feeling better and i do still have an ultrasound appt. soon so i’m hoping kidneys like, fix themselves?

i’m a horrible coward when it comes to these things.

we ate nachos twice yesterday and then chinese food for dessert. i can’t eat chinese food anymore (or as chinese people might say i can’t eat food anymore), the msg or whatever that magical stuff is just doesn’t sit well with me.

i am an old delicate flower.

christie barfed four times last nite.

new term: tampwn’d as in tampon + pwn’d (as in owned).

everybody wins.

example: richard was putting the moves on michelle all night long but she wasn’t really feeling it and too polite a girl to tell him to stop, once he manouvered her trousers off he soon realised he was tampwn’d. burn on richard.

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