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so if some french guy says to me i am acting “so toronto” and then i counter with you are acting so french, how am i the racist one and he isn’t?

more later, my blood pressure just rose in typing out that sentence.

and this all began by me asking why he and this younger dude were arguing over rock paper scissors, and then i had to open my big mouth again and say well actually there is some skill involved, it’s not just chance or luck, you are reading the person and thinking two steps ahead of them and predicting what they are going to do, which then of course lead to an argument about separatism and this guy finally admitting that french people are really racist but before that i proved my point by 2 out of 3-ing this younger kid and beating him at rock paper scissors, to which frenchie calls my spiel bullshit and says i am acting very toronto, oh so cool, which i blew my top about and said he is so french which he exploded over of course and i said fuck off i’m half french don’t give me that defensive shit, oh man it got ugly, showertime.

french people are my new enemy, vancouver you are off the hook heh.

how about ok you’re not acting french, you’re just a fucking asshole?

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