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i’m avoiding showering and getting ready cos i don’t want to go to hospital so here’s some memory lane for you, i’m thoroughly depressed now and therefore ready for hospital.

the first time i went blonde to surprise fil when he came back from a work trip, i fucked it up and had to spend 200 to have it corrected and this was the outcome, it felt too adult for me at the time so eventually added more blonde and disastered it, big mistake.

i had black hair for so long it just didn’t feel right this is moments before fil came through the door to meet us at band practise.

the following summer i chopped it all off once i dyed it dark again and fried my hair to all hell, most depressing time of my life, bob-headed and fat.


this picture makes me very happy, i remember feeling really happy that morning, the cottage and sunshine morning and likely drunk still from the nite before.


well duh.

everytime fil looks at that photo of himself he goes what a little retard, i cannot agree more. awwwwwwwwww.

one of the rare times i wore a bra oh hey paige.

the condo looks so bare, heaviest wedges ever.

hair’s getting longer, still bored with it, bangs o’clock. ahhaha i just noticed cid in the background.

i love this guy.

yikes! easy there fatface.

so unhappy.

poor me.

oh look art vandelay showed up.

there are fifty photos of this “series” on my laptop i wonder how wasted i was, pfft “wonder”.

k bye wish me luck.

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