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oh how nice another email from a fan of my queef article. i get these pretty often, though this one is the most, well, you’ll see:

I don’t know how old this article is but I just had to say… that a good set of pussy farts is something to strive for. It tells me the girl is getting fucked right. When my cock is swollen nice and big and her pussy is wet and tight, lips all swollen and juicy… there’s no room inside for anything extra like air, so just hammer the fuck outta that sweet cunt and make it sing. I really like the slurping sound when you pull out and the follow up fart when you slam it back. Get her to moaning and squealing at the same time and it’s music to my ears. When she’s laying there quivering and tears a rolling, not knowing whether to cry or laugh or both and smiling from ear to ear… then you’ve done it right. Kiss those sweet lips and thank your lucky stars you got a woman who loves sex as much as you do. Cum on guys, get w/ the program.


(i was only able to read half of it).

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