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me: i just ran in on fil in the bathroom cos i thought he was masturbating with my vibrator in the shower, he wasn’t – it was his new battery powered toothbrush
he does calf stands in the shower when he brushes his teeth so he was bobbing up and down and im like omg he IS! then i see the toothbrush

Jamie: hahhaa

me: i guess the toothbrush would be a good ruse for covering up the vibe sound
but then it would be supersonic loud

Jamie: maybe he was!
see if your vibe smells like butt

me: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
wouldnt you just use it on your balls
or peener

Jamie: wouldn’t that hurt?

me: i wouldnt know

Jamie: my balls are way too sensitive to be vibrated

me: too much information

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