ok lets take a halloween break for a second here, (i can’t believe halloween hasn’t even happend yet ungh) last nite we caught the majority of a movie we had been intending to see for a little while now, let’s all hate toronto. it is very good and very informative. basically the entire country hates toronto because they are jealous and toronto is so arrogant it doesn’t even know it is hated and everyone who hates toronto says yes they would like to live there, and also no one has a concrete reason as to WHY they hate toronto, they just do. they think we think we are new york (yawn) and when asked every torontonian says fuck no we don’t think that, that’s just something teeny tiny tom in timmins thinks, and then it spreads. oh and another reaon toronto is hated is cos of leafs fans? who cares. toronto doesn’t talk about how much it hates other cities yet it is a national obsession to hate toronto. lame. there’s more to be said but you should just see it, it’s pretty funny.

this video will blow your mind, me doing la isla bonita karaoke and dancing the entire time and there is a cameo of jeremy’s stomach and boobs.

where did you sleep last night karaoke raymi video.

can you feel the love tonight video.


she was telling me a secret.

destructive duane!!!!! video. chad stealing the limelight gets it stolded right back.

here i am playing sharp dressed man against a rookie, a fil said, but a very nice guy, too bad i murdered him then told him to stop playing.

this video is of me and fil battling take me out and chad is dancing terribly and christie is in the background bragging about me to some guy and chad ruins the end of the song for me.

here are some of christie’s pictures


here are some of duane‘s pictures from last nite.



a girl with big tits complimented my guitar dance posing skills and said it was like she was there with me which is funny because i guess she WAS there right? she said i had good presence. anyway.

i have wicked incriminating video footage of duane i am dying to share. christie says i should put it on youtube anyway ok i will.

finally some video evidence of my wicked stripper moves and boner s. thompson on the prowl totally blocking the video, at least christie was feeling me up the entire time. AT LEAST! at 13 seconds to go i do the porno hair flip. no i haven’t just watched this 30 times in row!

in the face MINGER POET and boner s. thompson!

halloween party video. “that’s not stairs that’s a room!” i am a smart guy.

this one guy who was dressed as a minger said he was a poet after he said finding a chick with black hair is like finding gold at the bottom of lake erie then i laughed at him for saying he was a poet and said the jack kerouac speech and he talked shit about kerouac so i put my hand in his face and told him to blow tony cos they both love bukowski. calling yourself a poet is like saying you ride hot air balloons, living in a dream world my friend. you’re not a poet until you are dead, before that you’re just unemployed.

tony, disgusting as usual.

T2 was ralphing in the sink when the pizza arrived, i still chowed.

the one in the white maiden dress was hitting on fil as we left and he kissed me (chad told him to cos hesaid he hadn’t seen us kiss once since he arrived) and she goes oh did you just start dating or what like right now we just started dating? what does it matter he is with me, so i said no three years so you can just stop it right now and fil went LAUREN! then i scolded him all the way home about how i finally said something and it was a social battle i won and he should never ever EVER fucking correct me again when i am giving a girl the whatfor about flirting with him in front me. previously in the other room she was like uh hey you are leaving there was more people here before like desperate for conversation fodder and i was invisible, yeah we know there were more people here before we were here for hours lady.

hunter s. boner, i was pretty close to making out with the purple wig chick.

chad destroyed krista’s journal by writing in it.

christie isn’t taller than me, i am wearing flats. yes it is necessary to point out.


more in fil’s flickr set.

look it’s me and christie, you know christie of the now-defunct allthingschristie brand, and did you also know she started the bestweekever blog? and she left her own party to play trivia ntn at a pub? and then my dick exploded? and then we had a no you’re prettier no YOU’RE prettier conversation and i snapped at a girl to give up flirting with my boyfriend because HE IS MY BOYFRIEND. more on that later. i was pretty on the money all nite long with handing out burns, the one that got the best laugh was when this european photographer guy came to the top of the back building stairs and started air guitaring and rocking out and i said oh what’s that air guitaring? oh hey that’s NEW. my delivery was perfect and dry and the guy didn’t even get it and air guitared back into the party and everyone was fighting over high-fiving me. oh and the guy dressed as hunter s. thompson had a boner and was rubbing it all over the room while we were dance partying to britney’s gimme more totally ruined the girl orgy i started with his wang. and then i told everyone about it and chad and fil wanted to fight him. tony has a video of the dance orgy i invented i hope it is as good as it looked last nite when i saw it. he lost his voice and was wearing a creepy long blond wig.

duane’s photo

matt‘s show was very special and touching and a success.

heather already has a photoset up from the mg show last nite and the pre-party where it turns out the entire bar was there to only just look at me and not say hi until after i left. anyway here are the pictures i can’t right click save post them here cos she has that flickr spaceball.gif thing because she is SELFISH. ok i take it back she changed it steal away y’all!

pitt wrote about last nite’s show already and called us at noon and was like you are still in bed what?

tonite’s events include the fox and fiddle on bloor, just west of st. george, the same place we went for the last karaoke jam. do yourself a favour and wear some form of costume because everyone who didn’t last nite deeply regretted it and kept talking about how old they felt like wtf does that have to do with halloween? oh your costume is bitterness, awesome, see you never!

krista put my red makeup all over her face and then rubbed it all off, pussed out, but i think i am going to do that tonite and go as an extra from apocalypto, or mel gibson’s muse. everyone last nite was all duuuuuuuuuh why do you have red paint on your chest? why? WHY NOT!