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they didn’t have the classic wallabees in the colour i wanted or the size so i got desert treck.

on our way to queen street we saw seven little dogs partying and i asked what was going on, no one knew. more pictures of it later.

tetris. the yellow one had a pocket stereo blaring the tetris song.

christie’s friends hate me cos we tom cruised her (get it katie holmes scientology shut up) well her gentleman caller friend hates me strongly prolly cos i am more alpha male than he is.

that’s fucking stupid.

christie collects these, they were doubles so she gave them to me, way to drop ten bucks for nothing!

why is there a ghost behind her?

so i bought her a matching dress as me to make up for the smoking labbits and to make her friends likehate me more.

50% off, ten bucks each & only a teensy slice of crazy to boot!

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