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i just rage cleaned the bathroom while listening to fil on the phone with apple for an hour, there are makeup sharpie stains on the bathroom counter, one of the mg passes with sharpie on it upside down on the counter with water made it stained, colour me livid. i went for a tan and bought new goggles so i can do stand-up tanning and not have to squint my eyes tightly or buy those stupid eye stickers. lots of university students use our visitor parking lot to smoke weed in or pee on the bushes or idle their cars and drink coke and captain morgans and hock loogies real loud me and fil and cid are the neighbourhood watch and stare at them menacingly in secret EXCUSE ME IT IS SOBER NITE DAY 2 DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING KILL YOU! oh wait fil just corrected me on something two posts down brb fellers.

ok i’m back.

evan almighty is the worst movie to watch when you are on a sober nite, unless of course you enjoy feeling angry like the incredible hulk, you think you are signing up for a nice jokey time, but what you are really signing up for is RAGE.

if you are going to have a sober film nite you have to watch something depressing, as we did after with a mighty heart. angelina jolie’s accent is really good and the story is chokingly painfully sad and well gosh gee sigh.

sorry dudes but this guy would be on suicide watch if something like that happened to me, no matter how awesome my hair was.

i don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

tomorrow is fil and i’s third year anniversary oh hai. we bought each other cards and pretended to not be looking at shopper’s today then had to stand in line beside each other to pay and he used my shopper’s optiumum card, after our pizza lunch date of course.

there was a crazy lady in the bank and this white banker dude came out and bellowed what’s going on i cannot hear i am on the fuh-own then he saw her with her walker and fucked up legs and felt like a shmuck, rightly so. it was good banking-timing on fil’s part. tomorrow we are going on a clarke’s date we’ll see if i cave and get him a pair too why can’t he just be normal and want a nerf football or something?

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