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deleting all of your pictures kind of kills your blogging mojo for a second, oh well, here this is me just after i realised i deleted everything.

oh well, good thing my goal in life is to be as apathetic as possible when things go wrong fuck it dude lets go bowling.

and then on this corner just as some guy turned to look at me (as my presence sometimes is pretty electric) i growled FUCK when we made eye contact then i crossed and got a sub this is a fascinating story.

fil was eating his falafel the whole time and that’s future’s bakery i like to make fun of.

which reminds me last nite before i fell asleep listening to a biography about vlad and dracula i finally figured out the title of my next book i am not telling you what it is though only fil.

this is what we did all day yesterday and all day today fil is babysitting the security channel for a package from purolater, it’s making him crabby.

we don’t have a landline, so no buzzer.

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