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jamie close your eyes and scroll down for three seconds, if you are reading this please, thank you.

jamie and deb are visitting next week for canadian thanksgiving and jamie’s birthday, this is his present. i already told him anyway.

new legwarmers, sigh. i just got some wicked cut-eye (for wearing them) on the patio at the bedford by some old bag and her cunty daughter, too annoyed to go more into detail.

my cool people don’t dance at concerts message i left ages ago at the horseshoe enraged people so much they scratched it out instead of markering over it.

i think i know who the black sharpie is, way to go crazyland.

yes thank you for reminding me what a square looks like, i totally forgot everything i ever learned in preschool.

the mini bar.

they served mini drinks too like tea party sized everything!

uh right.

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