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that’s not my bottle i don’t drink jack only disgusting punk bands who decide to gyrate my face during their shitty rock show, drink jack.

last nite the entire universe hit on me at the horseshoe, it’s cos i wore the success dress. who knew not dressing like a slob is powerful coupled with my long mermaid hair. i need to get ten more dresses like it in different colours oh i have to upload some pictures so i can share them and prove it to you guys in case you didn’t know this blog’s theme is PROOF. too bad every guy doing the hitting was on the closeted gay insanely wasted side. we went to some of nuit blanche stuff after the great lake swimmers show with erin and i met the singer and told him he was very johnny cash (at the church of the redeemer show, left out the part where i was asleep and crabby) and he said he would take it as a compliment i was trying v. hard to contain my creepy i was THIS CLOSE to saying i know all the words to all of your songs.

at nuit blanche in one building or other there were velvet ropes set up i think it was in the hart house (part of u of t yeah yeah i don’t know these things) and all these people were slow dancing and it was like a scene out of eyes wide shut so of course i made fil sway with me for a bit and people videotaped us then we went into the tiniest mini bar in the world i shouldn’t even bother explaining it with words art is just so ART MAN wow WOAH think about it etc haha for the rest of the day don’t read any words i put on my blog thank you. oh i was posing for fil and some guy comes up to me and asks if i am ok i said yeah sure he said well you look like you are going to take a dump. yeah hilarious one.

i used my first admirer to make this one skidaddle away, drunk loner roidheads are scary. later on outside these three non-violent skinheads came up in my face one was super aggressive, oh that’s nice you are racists but non-violent ones, way to make a difference.

people were lined up to go into a tent to see this and on our way out i tried to explain it to a girl who asked me if it was worth waiting in line, i said it was, BURN!


i know this one is meant for me, haha.

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