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i’m prettier than you, it’s ok though.

we went to a show last nite at the el mo, here’s a little woodstock break, we’ll revisit it later, don’t worry.

looks way better than it actually is, red room’s “singapore” noodles, one piece of egg/chicken (couldn’t tell the difference = bad) i chewed completely took it out of my mouth still intact, put it back in my mouth chewed it more, wondered if it was cooked, took it out of my mouth again, tore it apart with my fingers (slowly ripped it was so rubbery), held it to the candle to see if it was cooked, determined it was egg, set it on the side of my plate because by then it was like, um, this isn’t even worth swallowing or putting back in my mouth for the fifth time, still looked exactly as it did before it even went in my mouth. oh and that cup of whatever sauce you have to pour all over, how about making it taste good to begin with, that’s like bringing out some pasta and handing me a cup of pesto MIX IT IN THE KITCHEN!

that huge princess diamond ring i got in maine when i was 18, no fil did not propose.

irish men are heart breakers? hahahaha!

classiest bathroom in toronto.

me and lindy, i just realised major maker does that rollercoaster song what a retard you can see fat raymi in their music video for window on their myspace page, scroll down.

there you go babies, double whammy stripper nails.

lewis and clark, i liked the guy he was like jesus and charles manson, i think woodstock rubbed off on me.

ungh guy in the middle was so I AM THE LIFE OF THE PARTY asked us if we needed an extra ticket, i call wendi, she is staying in, then fil is taking my picture with his new lens and he screams out FACEBOOK! FACEBOOK! haw haw hwa HWA that’s sooo going on facebook and i am on the other side of the sidewalk out of punching distance weighing whether or not i should say excuse me do you understand the amount of ribbing you will be receiving on the fucking internet tomorrow morning and NO it will not be on facebook? i walk over and he goes do you need an extra ticket? i said NO we already tried for you REMEMBER!? thanks for adding to my el mocambo enjoyment vest guy.

ahh we meet again.

it appears to be so, i propose a truce!

bat for lashes are amazing, very bjorky before bjork decided she was too experienced to keep it real. last nite’s fans blew fucking cock, i hate the fucking el mo and what it does to fans, so territorial possessive over where they are standing and loudly talk shit about you behind your head because you asked politely to get by for a quick picture. there is a story in here i am not allowed to tell because 1. it is fil’s story and 2. he doesn’t want to burn bridges yet but let it be known that i was successful in the passive aggressive dept. when a certain someone tried to get by me after being fully rude to fil i blocked her with my arms folded like i didn’t know she was trying to get by she said excuse me i wouldn’t move pretended to be deaf then she tried to shove me with her body, she couldn’t so i just leaned back and let her by with her fat short dumpy ass forced to rub up against me.

tonite there is a possible chance for retribution.

the performance was so precious and special and magical but i couldn’t enjoy it because of everyone’s hostile bad attitudes and clustering, all my pictures are shaky too. so we missed a lot of the pretty bells jangly dancing shit. here’s a tip to any band thinking of playing toronto DO NOT PLAY THE EL MOCAMBO, IT IS A TERRIBLE VENUE, IF YOU NEED TO KNOW OF A VENUE TRY LEE’S PALACE OR THE HORSESHOE OR THE PHOENIX OR ANYTHING ELSE. i immediately do not enjoy myself there upon walking through the door.

regarding two chicks sitting beside us at the red room.

postcard for elizabeth.

watch ALL of this and laugh. i mean it.

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