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see my wicked roots what look ashy grey? it’s actually a dirty blond medley, i’m just going to let it grow out until it’s so incredibly disgusting to look at and every girl copies it or my mom takes me to get highlights.

got this for my niece.

leslie painted that.


ew is a picture of a crab really necessary?


usa sure does love its chemicals. fil hated these.

pee stop number three i bought these, looked around me and saw how incredibly fat everyone is and FAT teenage girls shot me infinity dirty looks while some just looked really uncomfortable standing beside me with their fat parents too which made me feel really bad and guilty, i know people make fat american jokes a lot and it is hurtful and mean but seriously, the states needs to fix it, i dunno, outlaw snacks and video games maybe?

people stare more in america, or maybe it’s just me or the truck stops, who knows. i am happy to be back in polite shy canada where people are too cool to let you know they think you are pretty and stare at the ground.

looks like dog food. i like these guys.

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