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we are home now.

the success dress.

butchie asked monstergirl to tell him if i actually ate something during the day, i did, but just waif-shit to be funny.

they wear the same outfit for days on end.

apparently this is what woodstock hippies think paris hilton looks like. this is at opus 40.

barf scam.

would you still read my blog if i wore a crystal?


nice sweater.

i bought that wine to be funny, burn on me IT SUCKS!

wine store.

when i discovered it fit, i only have my base on that’s why i don’t have eyes or lips.

so amped. wearing this periodically throughout the week since sunday has made me lose weight and forced me to suck it in so i feel tighter. add that to the skinny guide.

cid from when we were cleaning up for samir, at this point fil is vacuuming, cid does NOT appreciate the noise.

more to come, these weren’t anywhere close to being in order.

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