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django the minx.

they voted the right girl off of ANTM last nite i half-paid attention to the episode cos leslie came back put her laptop in my hands and said you have work to do, work as in go on an internet dissing tour and drink margaritas. if by now you don’t know what antm is, google it, i am not writing it out, and, while on the subject of google, why even ask questions on the internet at all? hello, lazy. i tend to do it only to keep it personal, like we are all having a conversation in your comments but asking totally easy questions instead of just researching it yourself is lazy and annoying, dear raymi why can’t you just figure it out for me? ps. you are ugly. i guess i am magical in a way and i have all the answers and that’s the entire point of this blog.

i am totally going to make some wicked toilet art the second monstergirl is out of the bathroom whenever that is.

she has all these stevie nicks type long billowy dresses and sequiny liza minelli shirts and crazy everything we played asshole last nite and i wore a handmade beaded egyptian-like headdress. i called her and fil ETHICAL ZIONISTS to get out of feeling bad for saying something a bit too mean and for the rest of the nite they burned me with that. fil spilled his drinks all nite long. i also said I LIKE YOUR JEANS after i made her pick up 5 cards and that is now another burn don’t ask me to explain it don’t forget that i am not doing the thinking for you guys anymore after 7 years of partying with me online you should know what everything i say means from all angles.

oh finally she’s done.

ok i’m back, i forgot to tell you that this cottage is haunted by a broom sweeper guy and last nite fil put a broom in the stairway to make him appear.

he didn’t.

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