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today a hippie said to leslie that i was “that paris hilton chick with dark hair” we went to opus 40 and it was closed so we went into woodstock again, leslie went back to manhattan and after an hour of looking at retarded shit in town i texted and said opus was closed then she said did you tell them you are friends of < insert famous person here > we said no she called and they let us walk around, it’s fucking awe inspiring, anyway we were supposed to make a 5 dollar donation but the dude went away and we were too shy to go inside the house to bug him anyway leslie called back thinking we were turned away again and one lady said oh did they come in a silver car (actually gun metal grey) yes oh was it a guy and a paris hilton chick with dark hair (because i am wearing big glasses?) i guess it’s a compliment maybe they don’t see too many big glasses in these parts.

i almost bought a crystal in town.


and i seriously considered getting a tie-dye shirt again fil stopped me. in my mind i think i can make it happen.

we are drinking margaritas. leslie is back. we bought “prosciutto” from a supermarket and it does NOT taste like the prosciutto back home. i showed fil the donut sticks and the little debbie snacks and the ready to go hot dogs in buns. people look at us in fil’s car and think we are from the future. there are lots of plaques for fil to read. booze is cheaper. i bought fil a heineken 5L keg yesterday, it’s finished now. last nite we watched the ex, it sucked so much it was like watching a rough-edit.

it’s v. hot here too.

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