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i’m going to do open mic tonite at this bar that thinks it’s the cultural pulse of the catskills (so isn’t) and leslie offered to pay me for every hippie i piss off, i’m going to start ‘er off with what’s orange and looks good on hippies? pause pause pause FIRE! then plop the mic to the floor and leave w/o even saying bye to her. or fil. if you have any other hippie jokes PLEASE leave them in my comments we are sitting here fucking hung taking turns sighing and moaning and listening to fil talk about his feelings. we can’t tell you the bar cos we don’t want you to come. oh this girl like yelled at me from across the empty bar/restaurant that i had nice boots and it made me uncomfortable. we were all wearing sunglasses at breakfast too. leslie is mysterious by the way. i might road-test my spiders material too or address everyone in the room individually and do a sweeping room ‘dis tour. hippies aren’t aggressive are they?

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