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we are in the catskills with leslie til friday, we might go to manhattan to see jamie or meet him somewhere in between. i totally forgot what it was like to be amongst magnificent non-chalant pot-smoking poseurs, (the people here not leslie), anyway i like it i feel like i am on mars and keep forgetting we aren’t in canada. the wine store guy was baked and lazy and of no help and a car beeped outside and he was like what is that noise and leslie said oh isn’t it an alien implant? and he kind of freaked out looking under shelves for a message from the CIA and he was playing a guitar when we came in what a doink. then we had chinese food and the bartender was wearing tight leopard print hot pants and was maybe 50 and our waiter sucked his teeth and didn’t know what vermicelli was. we stayed up til 4 and my phone kept texting leslie all nite long repeat messages, cos it’s roaming i guess. leslie’s dog is cute and has diabetes and everytime i look at him i sigh out loud. fil drank a lot of wine last nite and then got emotional about cid and no one cared. this place is fucking whimsical and we have said that word like 300 times since being here. i can’t wait to hacky sack in the town square and buy a hooka sesh. this is where we are right now. JEALOUS MUCH!

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