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look it’s me and robin brule, she is in samir’s film short.

me: i just had to jill off i feel so lousy
my ass hurts
from crapping
my ass hairs are in pain
i hope someone isnt reading over your shoulder

Phil: ew jill ew

me: the second coffee touches my lips i am going to be in the bathroom for an hour

Phil: ew for so many reasons

me: i said jill for your benefit
from yesterdays pain
remember when my face got slammed in the cab yesterday cos i was trying to yell out the window to samir who didnt even hear me
stefan did tho
my life sucks
and my knee is scraped
i may as well share this on my blog

Phil: yes

here’s what happened, our cab was cut off as i was leaning out the window screaming down the street at samir a happy birthday and the cabbie slammed on his breaks and my face smashed into the back of the passenger seat like in cliche movies and my knee got scraped on the midle armrest and the cabbie apologized a lot and i’m like no biggie but then sensed that i could get some sympathy out of the guy so i said well my knee is scraped in my oh shucks voice and then he apologized some more and lipped off the other car then me and fil had to act like it (me) wasn’t (isn’t) embarrassing, well i had to act like i didn’t care and fil had to pretend he didn’t know i was acting like i didn’t care. i am never saying bye to anyone ever again EVER from a cab i am not that guy who can pull it off even though i tried for a long time, that guy is someone else. sigh. jealous.

oh and my butt hurts from excessive wiping, that’s all.

and don’t be mad at me and make me feel worse about it fil did a shot of tequila and i didn’t yes that settles this!

i’m hungry.


subject: copy cat?

raymi, is lucy liu trying to steal your look?

from jd.


hmm, i’m noticing a theme here.

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