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should i leave a passive aggressive note or not?

i just went and stuffed in a thousand things into ONE washer, separating is for insert european country here, anyway this woman who is always doing laundry when i roll up was down there and using three machines, the rule is two, rules are stupid anyway, but the point is, three machines for a small amount of laundry spread out over three, when i am stuffing a ton of shit into one, my entire load tripled hers. so i am using the one closest to the door and her laundry cart was in my way the whole time and then when she moved to go she looked at me to move out of the way, i ignored her and i am pouring detergent into the cup like i am supposed to move while i am doing that? (neither of us said hello to each other when i entered, we used to but gave up on pretending we like each other) and so she loudly pulled it out to let me know that i am a bitch and had to push it around the table BIG DEAL right, well passive aggressively it is a big deal, because i won. i was so close SO CLOSE so close to saying oh you are using three machines? but i didn’t want her to think my point was about the laundry room rules, when actually my argument is about the conservation of water (she also had hot water instead of warm or cold) but i let it go, i figured she wouldn’t get it, no offense europe but you don’t exactly give a shit about saving water when it comes to laundry, it’s all a bottomless luxury and you feel it’s owed to you well you act like that anyway i can see it in your FACE! (yes i am totally generalising here based on the oh 200 european parents i have come across in my life), also, it was like a territorial thing too, she was like ahHa i have claimed 3 machines what are you going to do about it? she also looked me up and down i saw through the corner of my eye and i just bent over in my short shorts like a fuck you hag. the silence was tense, loud tense angry silence she was so waiting for me to say something.

so, should i go leave a note tack it on the corkboard or tape it to her machines or do nothing and wait ’til next time?

i looked inside all of them too and everything was the same colour so no need to separate.

oh i bet she will be an even huger asshole and use all four dryers too and she was loudly jangling her ziploc bag of quarters as she was leaving, her life is laundry.

honest ed’s soldiers. fil said if i blogged these i have to say that they depress him and make him want to kill himself because eating them is so white trash. yeah he’ll change his tune come saturday morning when his espresso is all irished up.

i got you in my sights ignore that whatever syrup glob.

recycling, let it pile up nicely this time.

haha honest ed’s we were like 99 cents wicked!

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