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i made fil a leftover lick’s burger and by made i mean toasted the bun nuked the patty and gave him some pepper brie on top best idea ever.

then he accompanied me on my sashimi adventure to criticize everything about how i eat and kept stopping himself then starting again. that black dude had an earring and a bag from the silver snail and had really loud opinions about microsoft, he reminded me of the black guy from the first season of the real world, the angry cheesy guy who fought with everyone and made everything a race-thing when actually everything was about how aggressive, argumentative and irritating he is. fucking shut up. no, it was about his earring!

and THIS cheesy blond curls chick on the right ungh she looked over at me and rolled her eyes when i swizzled my chopsticks together to get the slivers off, my ritual. it was loud for like two seconds and totally distracted her from the shitty conversation taking place fuck you we are in a fight now! she was wearing tacky wedding high heel sandals and a coral pink dress with swirly mystical garbage design. the other lady paid for everyone and was sporting a long librarian dress ew. i would kill myself if i was at their table.

starvlor! do you know what it is like to prepare a delicious hamburger on an empty stomach and then watch someone else eat it?

THEN IT STARTED RAINING! looks like the previous owners got out just in time.

i told fil i was in a sadness so i was having sake talk to the hand.

oh what a surprise making fun of my pinky AGAIN it’s called genetics you stupid dick.

this time i got sashimi supreme, for a dollar more you get 17 pieces which basically consist of that octopus and a few extras.

i gave fil the whatever is seared fish i don’t like it, peppery seared excuse me but i ordered sashimi not a steak.

sticky nerf paddle ball anyone?

the salmon was so perfect yesterday i am a full-blown lesbian yes, days i eat sashimi i can drink all i want and the next morning no weight gain.

oh how nice that the ceiling rained last nite during sashimi time for fifteen minutes.

i stuck it out anyway because i am rock and roll like that.

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