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i think i’m in a summer blog funk, what do you guys want more of, tell me in the comments, guides (guides to what?), movie reviews, long mean tangents about children?

ooh i’m almost winning please click and give me some more thumbs up votes thanks.

we saw the simpsons movie last nite, it was good, could have been cruder though.

this jacket was about 700 dollars and fil was starting to fall in love with it! heinous take that piece of shit off right now!

he didn’t buy these he said he would look like a poseur, only thirty bones for a pair of ponys. mistake.

the day after i bought my expensive pants and my oath to not buy anything for a month i get blasted in the face by all these cheapo ‘kinis.

fil was sexually aroused by the one on the left and said he wanted to remove my limbs and head cos torsos are HOT.

RIP max, may you be fighting the good fight for treats and pats on the head in doggy heaven xoxoxo.

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