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this other super annoying thing happened last nite at lee’s, we watched this skinny jock loser trying to be a hipster dancing and bopping around and feeding drinks to his chick-friend, fine, later on i go up to the bathroom and she is sitting on the floor of a stall and her boots are sticking out from under and i was going to take a picture but i decide not to be a total inconsiderate opportunist and ask her if she is ok and i spy a bunch of spew in the toilet, it takes her awhile to respond she says yeah she is fine i ask if she is alone or came with friends she said she was alone i asked if she wanted some water she said that would be great thanks so i go get her some from the dance cave and bring it back and ask again if she has ANY friends with her (as mother theresa as i was being i was not into partying in the bathroom with a stranger all night) she says yeah she has a friend his name is mark i say what is he wearing knowing full-well it’s the skinny dancing douchebag and she says a hoodie, bingo, i go down to find him and tell fil what was taking me so long, so i find mark chatting up one of the dudes from the first band, the teeth, and i can tell he is hitting on him or trying to, he is passing a map drawn on a napkin to the guy, i say hey man your friend is puking in the bathroom she needs some help you need to go check on her and he cuts me off with a snotty whiny smile DO I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT? uh yeah as i was saying… DO I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT? yeah i got her some water but she is SITTING ON THE FLOOR OF THE BATHROOM IN A STALL AND SHE IS NOT OK then he goes oh you got her some water you’re such a hero in this condescending but somewhat sincere tone and asks again if he has to go deal with it and the teeth guy is amused by now by all this and at the audacity of the guy’s priorities so i say, i mean, she IS YOUR FRIEND to guilt the shit out of him, then walked away.

do i have to deal with it?

so many fucking things wrong with that question when your gf that YOU got plastered is alone barfing and you are whining to me a complete stranger who went out of their way to help her out while you are being a groupie-slut, it was walk away or shake him completely senseless.

and now i must fold laundry.

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