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scroll to the bottom of pics for shitbagging post.

i need this bad. you can see my socks/shorts combo in the mirror reflection would go nicely with it.

i will write about this troll after i make espresso stay tuned it’s a goodie.

so the troll mentioned above’s name is wendy cheng, chen? chang? whatever. she went to my highschool, same grade, she’s like 4 feet tall, not a looker, proportions all wrong, sad really, anyway, she’s smart and i guess witty but her personality is so dry and obnoxious, she is mostly unlikable, given that, i STILL gave her the benefit of the doubt and acknowledged her and kept my mouth shut when she said cunty things about everything, other girls, bands, the universe, one of those arrogant debbie downer types, like cynical emo loner. i asked my friend ward why she was always hating on this one chick who i thought was her best friend, everytime lindsay would get out of ward’s car, wendy would insult her like crazy, ward said because lindsay is average height for a girl. oh, good thinking ward. granted lindsay was a dingbat but still she was super nice to wendy and tolerated all her snide musings.

and so how does this relate to me?

in highschool wendy sort of hung with the people i sort of hung with, i had two spare classes together and when i wasn’t spending it drinking at this cafe and tanning at the salon, i would go with my chums to eat and wendy would be there too, she told me once she would do it with a girl she’s just waiting for the right one. she was also dating my friend scott, or they had broken up, who cares, anyway, after highschool i go to nyc then partied in town for a bit to save money before going to maine, while in town i hit the local saloon a lot for karaoke and brews and wendy sorta hung with the regulars there whom i sort of hung with too, only cos they were there, i fucking hate them all now and had oodles of secret-contempt for them at the time but that’s how i roll, enemies close type biz and remember the chick who said she was jealous of me in the bathroom and won’t let her boyfriend be friends with me? she is one of these regulars.

OK so back when i was (this is all mostly lead-up) hanging at this bar with my dude-friend whom i am not allowed to be friends with anymore, one time i am not there and she says to him OH YEAH LAUREN WE USE TO CALL HER THE WALKING STD.

when she said we she meant SHE cos no one liked her and would have the balls to sling shit about me like that, i asked my friend scott once i heard about this to give me her email and phone number so i could call her assumedly strict chinese parents and tell them that their daughter was a fucking dyke rug-muncher, scott would not give me her number. i even tried to look her up in the phonebook, you know how many chengs are in the phonebook? (insert you have more chins than a chinese phonebook joke here) anyway i got over it sans closure by way of temporarily forgetting it, BUT LAST NITE SHE WAS AT MAGIC PONY.

i was going to accost her but i wasn’t even buzzed, i told everyone there about her, kristin said i should say something and offered to go up to her and tell her to get out of her store. i gave her a ton of cut-eye and passive-aggressive hostile atmosphere and while shitbagging her to kristin i was looking all around for her to point out and she was right beside us the whole time so i HOPE she heard everything i said. thing is, i was totally railing loads of guys in highschool, she didn’t know that though so this std-remark is totally unwarranted also i will kick you into outerspace you cow. she probably wanted to bang my friend and thought dissing me to him was a good way to go about it, plenty of chicks have done this to me before, it’s great.

so, was i right for not saying anything about it would you have blasted her through a wall? per se there is some sort of in-future highschool reunion, is it way cooler to harbor resentment and let it brew even longer then explode it then?

also, she was with this total ugs-looking chick and as far as i know, her life blows, still lives in the burbs, goes in to toronto to hang at the reverb and buy knick-knacks from silver snail, i guess i win.

i think she recognized me we made some eye-contact and i think she was too scared to deal cos she made herself pretty scarce after that. GOOD.


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