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i forgot to mention that yesterday was a free show at sneaky dee’s and beers were 2.75 oops, stop die played and others.

last nite’s dinner, when you DO have carbs make sure they are wheat. when you eat once a day the meal you have make it something unique and retarded to cancel out your frustration of deprivation, it’s a reward. i had a bit of fil’s macaroni too so easy there skeletons.

i got busted taking my picture in the bathroom mirror at sneaky dee’s last nite and the picture turned out shitty and it was my only chance i am a hurtbag.

i cut those jeans yesterday, they were my safe-pants despite looking like sirens barfed them up, which they did, or something from the dufferin mall did, anyway, you have to choose a pant to cut into summer shorts now that you are getting skinny cos the ones you cut last year never fit the same the following season.

on my left knee you can see a little divet scar from when i fell UP the escalator stairs at erin mills town centre and a chunk of flesh came out i was wearing shorts and my mom was like uh why is this my daughter, basically. i didn’t cry.

elizabeth gave me those shoes when she moved to the ‘couver. score. i just realised they are tommy hilfiger so they are now called the evil shoes. they kind of hurt but not really, well they mostly hurt your heart when you look at me wearing them with those socks.

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