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we saw lavender diamond last nite at lee’s, it would have broken your heart, so endearing, and between songs banter, hilarious. then i chatted up devon (guitar guy) after he said he wanted to go out and party and convinced him and the rest to go to green room and of course the 6 lez groupie chicks in dresses followed us. needless to say fil and i are hurting today. no we didn’t do that, and we didn’t do that either. steve, keys, said i looked like katherine keener, he did the being john malkovich soundtrack and had to look at her a lot and decided i am a dead ringer, i said well don’t all women look like katherine keener to you now? he said no.

i thought the groupie chick beside me was trying to footsies me at one point, i was super close to reciprocating, but we had to go oh and that ragamuffin fraser young doppleganger is the sound guy, scott, got all the groupie action, for some reason anyway you don’t care.

so never been done before dude

devon, above, at one point asked if fil was gay, he said our tongue kiss looked too fake and we WERE sorta taking the piss in making him think we were siblings, anyway, i made him feel REALLY stupid and bad and for the rest of the nite he was like no hard feelings? and gave fil the rest of his pint. then he showed me a picture of his girlfriend and i asked why she had the worst haircut ever, she’s probably gay and fully rug-munching this very moment, i think i said she was ugly. that’s what you get for hatin’ on my man. the other bandguys were like DUDE WHAT DID YOU SAY!? anyway, haha devon.

maybe i should write a guide to picking up bands, it was pretty easy, i coulda been karla homolka for all they knew.

this chick was all about divide and conquer, totally the step and fetch of the group and hugely cuckoo, eh so cringe-worthy that was.

i really liked steve and i think he liked me too even though i told him he looked like the pervert asshole from dawn of the dead, COMPLIMENT DUDE! anyway, they are an LA band, thought they were NY, but no. feel lucky LA.

me and becky, singer, she is very endearing and charming, i think i told her that amongst other gay-off shit. she might have a few screws loose, in a good way, talks about peace and love and mystical moments, i dunno, must be nice to not be an asshole. she said epic a few times too, i liked that.

dude on the left, devon asks me is he gay, i say yes, turns out no, why is he wearing a scarf with a t-shirt then? more like in the closet forever i said, we high-five, goodnite.

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