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tacky rich bitch secondhand shit no thanks i have so much money i made a mistake in buying 300 dollar pink pieces of puke maybe i can reclaim some of that dough and pass it off to a consignment store.

what a pathetic disgusting waste of money, fabric and slave labour.

turbo tan 8 minutes, didn’t know this particular one was like an octagonal dome over my top, that was a waste of 8 dollars.

hey dad!

worst salad ever.

dad had this, insert diarrhea jokes please.

this is all i could handle. i will never assume that a pub goes the way of minimalist when it comes to julienne salad. the menu read egg slice, cucumber, variety of cold cuts, lettuce, tomato… so i’m thinking nice, platter. wrong.


buying beer tickets, talking shit with sharpie about everyone especially long hair dude behind me trying cutsies, no way man.


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