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we were at the supermarket and this guy was near me in the frozen section and i got the HE IS IN LOVE WITH ME vibe and i thought fil was creeping around and going to jump out and tell me i am in trouble for someone being in love with me cos we just came from indigo and this other dude was standing near me and i apparently shared a moment with him despite being one-thousand per cent engrossed in cheap book browsing, anyway, i go get some milk and go back to the frozen shit and fil is there fondling pizzas and i said we are NOT having pizzas i do NOT care if they are on SALE no pizza and this guy who was in love with me sniggered, and then as fil walked away he tripped me and i almost hit my face on this skid of frozenables and the dude who was in love with me sniggered some more at/with us, as i called fil a total fucking asshole which received another laugh.

anyway fil’s perception of this was that the dude was laughing AT me because he was not privy to the 5 seconds of this dude actually peeping me on the sly, i think the second laugh he did was cos he was single and lonely as hell and seeing a couple nag, kick and swear at each other is like i am going to go home and murder myself after i eat two boxes of kraft dinner.

gregg griffin

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