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sigh i have the blues fucking darn wave of depression hits me out of nowhere every so often, i looked at this picture and it helped a little bit:

warm weather always makes me sad i don’t know why, since i was a kid it has plagued me, it instills this sense of disappointment like i should be riding on a surfboard or at a luau, but i am not at a luau and will probably never be at a luau and in rolls the wave of depression and there it settles just below the surface until fall.

being disgustingly pasty isn’t helping matters either everytime i look in the mirror i am like “oh bother” and then picture my wallet emptying from all the tanning visits i will make this summer and how there will be no difference to my skin tone you should avoid all posts on this blog that have words in the first paragraph like BLUES DEPRESSION and have a picture of a kitten in a sweater.

also i have eczema on my arms so when i tan/burn they get all red and irritated and it draws more attention to the fact that i have not picked up a dumbbell since i watched hulk hogan on wwf saturday mornings.

ew i just read the definition of eczema, my arms do NOT ooze, crust or scale, i just have red dots all over my bicep area, since i was a kid, and i have had prescribed cream for it and it did nothing so yeah, i am going to jump off the dvp bridge now.

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