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i am thinking about eating more chicken maybe i’ll wait and make salad out of it later with goat cheese & jerk sauce and fil will punch me in the face and eat it all with his hands cowering on the kitchen floor by the cabinets like an opposum busted going through the trash eyes like flashlight beams DON’T LOOK AT ME! and he sounds like a banshee from hell.

there is a fancy olive oil on the counter called PLANETA and everytime i look at it i think it says PLACENTA and then i am like ew for the rest of the morning when i am making espresso LEAVE ME ALONE PLACENTA OIL.

i was going to write a telling it like it is anecdote about how annoying i think graphic novels are but i don’t want pitt to kill himself and write a novel in my comments i didn’t really think through all my opinions of why they are annoying either, they just are. come on, graphic? novel? more like REALLY LONG SHITTY COMIC BOOK nice try.

here are some pictures of my friends:

phony photo booth

emo cereal

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