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i don’t think i ever posted this picture before on account of it being extremely embarrassing, that was during my asexual babysitter phase, two summers ago

we did the nasty last nite i didn’t think it was going to happen, i guess absentmindedly diddling fil’s fiddle during tv time on the couch had something to do with it, so after we finished impersonating the kid on little people, big world we hit the hay and no we do not make fun of the fact that he is a little person we make fun of how stupid spoiled and lazy he is and how he has a big mouth and braces and never closes his mouth and yes i know that big mouths can be akin to dwarfism whatever at least make an effort to close your fucking mouth, your mom and dad both little people don’t sit around with their mouths gaping open like that, anyway fil is really good at it.

i was going to give some doing it details but i’m all of sudden not in the mood.

oh at the coffee shop yesterday i overheard this kid talking to an older guy who works there about something nerdy probably anyway the funny part was when he said BUT DON’T POST IT ON WIKIPEDIA COS PEOPLE CAN CHANGE IT then he saw me looking at him and he made his voice all hushed and conspiratorial, i love it when dudes are talking computers and they look at me like i don’t know anything then i join in on the conversation and correct everything they said 50/50 they die of boners on the spot or they get extremely defensive and competitive and repeat everything i said but re-word it then i’m like we are arguing the same side of the fence the only difference is you will never get a girlfriend bye.

one time at a walk-in clinic (i was there cos i was paranoid i had a tape worm or some kind of parasite from mexico i’m the best) and this dude about my age maybe younger anyway super tool wearing a death metal shirt super skinny bad hair very insecure and there is this lady waiting and they strike up a conversation i gather they know each other you can tell this lady has a babe daughter and is only pity-talking this guy and then he starts talking to her about messageboards and perl script and basic html shit and he can see me watching and listening and he gets this I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT TECHNOLOGY bravery to his speak meanwhile he isn’t telling the lady anything she couldn’t just find on google herself and she is egging him on by saying wow you’re so “knowledgeable” and “technologically advanced” and i am by this point openly shaking my head at him and he is probably thinking this hot girl is just stupid and doesn’t know anything about computers typical GIRLS i don’t get a chance to say anything cos soon enough i was called away but before that the kid stops nerd talking a bit and casually asks about this daughter of the lady’s what’s she up to this summer hoping for an in and the lady goes OH WELL SHE’S IN CUBA WITH HER FRIENDS.


he was being all pious like computers will save me and are fun and neat and all that and then was TOTALLY deflated after she said that her daughter was in cuba with friends. ha.

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