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i went to sushi on bloor and ate alone i ordered the sashimi bronze for ten bucks ten pieces but they give you 16 pieces? decent. i also got an unagi handroll. i had a four person table to myself which was nice until a slew of whimsical annex fuckfaces came in the door and told stories to each other loudly while i was finishing my meal and reading a homosexual crime novel (literally a book about gay gangsters i know i throw around GAY a lot and don’t mean it other than to describe something cheesy but this time i oh nevermind) and this little kid kept rattling the soya sauce bottle on my table wavering it around so i let him do it for thirty seconds before i SLAMMED my left hand hard on the table looked him in the eye and said CAN YOU STOP THAT he was maybe 8 so i felt especially brave, his mom wasn’t looking either HAHA eight year old. this dude saw it all go down and i felt like he mentally gave me a high-five after i did it and prior to that he was like i hate that little white devil.

a party of three teachers were leaning against the two chairs at my table too like it was fucking chat-central and they kept asking the waitress when a table would be ready and they sighed a lot and one told a story about her autistic grade ones and she acted out how one of them kept asking to go to the bathroom.

holy shit people i am drinking a fucking asahi at 5pm does it look like i want to listen to any words from anyone’s fucking mouth right now other than SAKE ARIGATO WASABI ASAHI SAPPORO?

i get that it’s annoying that i am taking up a four person table but it was dead when i got there and every other fucking loner white lady that came in after me asked for a booth or a bigger table and they got one why are you all picking on me it’s because i am beautiful right and closest to the door? maybe if you shut up so i don’t have to re-read the same fucking gay crime novel page ten times i can finish my meal quickly and get out of there so that YOU can waste everybody’s time, leisurely eating your bento box I HATE EVERYONE IN THE ANNEX WHITE PEOPLE ESPECIALLY EXCEPT FOR ME (and some people i know ok i only hate strangers)!! you are not allowed to act all breezy and nonchalant when really just under the surface you will lose your fucking mind if you have to wait two minutes for a table GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE WAITING. i’m sorry my eating here alone at this table and arriving before you personally offends you so much.

after that i went to that new nerd-central book store bmv whatever and bought two books and asked if they took books in exchange for cash/credit and they do and of course the dude had to tell me all this extra information about it that i didn’t wask for and he was wearing jogging pants.

then i bought leg warmers and some sunglasses.


oh fil just came home and brought me one of those iv bags of wine or more accurately a wine skin OR a maple syrup bag something with a little spout you don’t even need a glass HELLO LIVER PARTY!

he has to go away now to his dad’s then a work ski-trip thing so i am alone i rented a bunch of movies i will probably not go to that thing but if you want to do something fun in lieu of then call me if not then i will just be wine-crying on the couch to match point.

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