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i have the best voice in the world

and now some words from my justin timberlake correspondent SHARPACHU who attended last nite’s concert:

justin timberlake aka my boyfriend forever in life

I think that the only thing I can really say to sum up the concert is: swoon.

I have no pictures. I have two horrible 7 second videos on my camera phone, but I don’t know how to send those to you. We had theee best seats ever, along the perimeter of the restaurant, with nice fancy chairs, and a waiter! We could just sit there, separated from the “regular folks” and watch the hottest guy ever dance and sing. I know that all of us at the end of it had a lot more love for JT.

I think that’s it. Would I spend that ridiculous amount of money on the show again? Yes! Would I pay even more? Um totally.

Oh wait, one more thing, do you remember being 10 years old and reading Tiger Beat and falling ridiculously painfully in love with someone (for me it was Johnny Depp when he was in 21 Jump Street). So you put the photos/posters up in your room of Johnny and you spend an obscene amount of time pining for him, wondering what it would be like to kiss him, wishing that you could just meet him one day because he would totally want to marry your 10 year old being That was what the feeling was like last night watching Justin.



HARRY FUCKING POTTER!!?!?!!! very weird. parents are pissed about it. whatever he’s growing up and not going to have that fucking lightning bolt on his forehead forever get over it.

shocking blue, venus

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