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we hung out with these guys last nite at c’est what with sean it was fun they are cool they have a show on friday at o’grady’s and while that particular venue seems a bit off they sold me on it, i am looking forward to wasted university tools and hipsters dancing, united as one.

when we showed up sean was having a “business meeting” with leviride so fil and i pulled a mrs. doubtfire and sat across the room at our own table and stared at sean through a fish tank until it was too weird and he called us over though by then fil and i were playing pool, he lied and said he wasn’t very good at it. before that we ate i had chicken tikka masala and fil ordered a lamb burger BUT they brought him a bison burger instead, i had a bite and was um uh this does not taste like lamb, it has an after-taste not unlike lamb but it’s way dry and well, eh, thinking about it now my empty stomache is roller-coastering.

what else.

bob asked what we did for scracth, fil gave his adult job description i just said i talk a lot of shit, basically — he had previously made a blog joke so it was funny that i got to say yeah well i blog. i’d rather say i do nothing, i fringe.

i was just watching this look-a-like show and they got some dude who looks like johnny depp and they made him look even more like johnny depp and now i am jealous that i do not look like johnny depp. it has however inspired me to draw him, some horny bitch will buy my huge johnny depp canvas, surely. i’m not sure WHICH johnny depp to do though, jack sparrow is definitely OUT don’t go there. please advise.

one more thing i like the emily haines & the soft skeleton album, and i know i’ve mentioned before my disdain for her, i know it’s not cos of jealousy, i just realised i hate her for the same reasons i hate myself.

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