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cid is in love with the essence of my being right now he is in my arms kneading at the air purring hornily trying to be as close to me as possible and his huge rabbit-like feet keep pushing the laptop away from me i made the mistake of looking at him a few minutes ago and went PSS PSSS psss i know this love-fest will soon turn sour and it will be time-out for cid. though i might go back to bed and watch tv. i had to get up to make sure i wrote BIASED instead of UNBIASED in my last post, damage control. my back-up plan was going to be resorting to sticks and stones hurling ie I WAS BEING SARCASTIC YOU FUCKS.


i am putting final fantasy’s has a good home on itunes the end i think it is better than he poos clouds.

oh and rented vice’s guide to travel it was finally in at queen i have it for the week and it comes with a little book to read. it’s pretty amazing you will shit in your pants if you are a scrawny little mama’s boy or something so watch it.

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