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this guy wrote a top ten canadian bloggers list and lamented that there weren’t enough “smart” canadian female bloggers and now all these nerds are bandwagon-jumping offering up a ton of female bloggers and i noticed i was not included in the majority of those lists, and i’m not surprised. while it is the easy route to dismiss me and pass me off as NOT SMART it’s a cheap shot, for the most part.

before addressing and defending my intelligence honour i would like to point out how fucking pompous it is for all these dudes to state that the “The blogosphere is still a male-dominated thing” — that is quite a bold fucking statement to make, audacious and untrue, pot-stirring, deeming something fact when it isn’t. STILL? when was it EVER male dominated? sorry dude but i haven’t been living in a cave with my eyes stapled shut and my fingers in my ears for the last ten years so i do NOT recall the blogosphere or any fucking corner of the internet EVER being male-dominant. i have been blogging longer then all these fucks and from then up to now i have NEVER noticed an imbalance in blogging when it comes to gender, AND even IF there was, so what? why are they starting a gender war? oh ho ho we “noticed” there aren’t enough “smart” women blogging lets BLOG ABOUT IT. fuck you, losers.

here is the entire quote:

The blogosphere is still a male-dominated thing (for example, only 55 57 blogs out of 326 Prog Blog affiliates are women bloggers – roughly 17%), but that’s slowly changing, and quite honestly, the ones that are out there all write pretty darn well. You just have to take the time to look for them.

oh thanks for your totally fucking biased example, scott.

anyway, again, i’m not shocked at being ignored amongst these people’s lists, funny, i am suppose to be canada’s #1 blogger yet i’m not “smart” ? i didn’t know that if you wanted to be smart you had to acknowledge progressive media and politics and write boring dribble daily. lame.

with these people tooting their i am smarter than the rest of the blogosphere horns you’d think they would “get” my blog and that it is a mockery of intellect.

i am shunned because of all this “exposure” i receive, bitches whining about it WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT RAYMI WAAAH. ungh.

sorry i brought this up.

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