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we went to lfk it was alright a bit dead upstairs a bit loud according to fil but he is old i think it would be a good place for a nerd blog party cos there are already a bunch of nerd try-hards there dressed in their finest I LIKE TO PARTY outfits to distract from their overall insecurities and lameness.

the highlight of the nite was giving the finger to this girl’s throw-away camera behind her and her two poseur friends fil was all WHO ARE YOU FLIPPING OFF i said dude they won’t know until they develop the film i’m a coward like that.

the second highlight of the nite was ripping out all my fingernails under the table. the vanilla ice movie was on. jeff stopped in for a couple drinks he was supposed to bring strombo with him but feh i asked if he drinks jeff said no i said well then why the hell do i want to hang out with him? oh right, fame mooching. speaking of that, look out ron sparks fans. in other news, k-os has dumped me and moved on it was good while it lasted?

i paid fil 20 dollars to not be a dick today, an OLD $20 bill at that, and if he does any dickitude today at all when we get home i am taking it back. so far he has corrected me a hundred thousand times and done other annoying things like right now he is tickling my head with one of cid’s whiskers he found. sigh.

i want to go to payless today to find some good old dyke truck driver winter boots nothing fancy. i had a nice pair that got losted somewhere, probably left them in maine. i am wearing them in this picture:


pancaketuesday has a new video it’s called TOKYO MOM. it’s sweet.

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